NYC List: Intrepid Museum

Although we've been there many times before, the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum is still one of my all-time favorites (which is strange, considering I don't really are about planes or military stuff at all...and the entire museum is actually an aircraft carrier).  I think I love it so much because I love seeing and learning about ways of life that seem so out of the norm to me.  Living on a gigantic ship carrying planes and never setting foot on land for months at a time?  I'm intrigued.  Sign me up!

We also had this on our "Things We Must Do Before We Leave The City" list because in all the previous times we've been, we had never gone on the submarine or seen the recently-arrived space shuttle, so when Blake and Julie were visiting, we made our return trip.

Submarine spaces are tiny.
Who wants to bunk with the torpedo?  Not it.
Here is Scott on top of the submarine with the city in the background.  With his eyes closed.
You probably don't want me running one of the machine guns on the deck.
Ready Room!  I love this room because it reminds me Top Gun and also I learned these are the most comfortable chairs on the ship.  They do look pretty loungey.
All four of us decided to ride in this G-Force Simulator.  I get motion sick, but thankfully I had some Dramamene on me and we had a 30-minute wait in line for it to kick in.  While in line, Scott told me he wouldn't go upside down or crash on purpose, a promise he broke about 4 seconds after the ride started.  Still, I didn't puke.
The shuttle's area got damaged during Hurricane Sandy, so they are currently rebuilding and you can't go walk around it right now, but we at least got to view if from afar.
Navigation Bridge, where several quotes from Titanic came to mind.  "Take her to sea, Mr. Murdoch.  Let's stretch her legs..."
A plane on the plane elevator.
Helicopters and skyscrapers.
I love this place.


  1. lovin' scott's leather jacket!

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