NYC List: Roosevelt Island Tram

Last week, while our NYE co-conspirators were in town, we also went down to ride the Roosevelt Island Tram, thus marking off one of my "Things We Must Do Before We Leave the City" items!
When I'm being a tourist, I'm always a sucker for views, and I love to ride anything that gives you a different perspective on a city that you wouldn't normally get just walking or driving through it.

The Tram takes you from East 60th St...
over the East River...
and drops you on a skinny little island in the middle of the river, which was eerily quiet (away from the city traffic).  It's mostly apartment buildings and a hospital, from what I can tell, but we did snag some pizza!  (Duh, it's still New York)

Your parallel companion as you're tramming along is the Queensboro Bridge, which we decided looks like it was built with K'nex (remember those?).

The whole ride is merely the cost of a Metrocard swipe, and probably only lasts 4 or 5 minutes one way.  A unique, inexpensive way to get some views of the city's East Side!
One item done!

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