NYC List: Brooklyn Nets

Thanks to my great fortune to have an awesome and generous uncle who works for the Denver Nuggets, Scott and I got to take the trek out to Brooklyn last night for some NBA action!  (Another thing to check off our NYC List.)

We emerged from the subway and were faced head on with Jay-Z's palace:
It was quite impressive.
And yes, this is the view from the 18th row up from the FLOOR.  Like I said, I have a wonderful uncle.
We even got to see a Kiss Cam proposal!  Thankfully, she said yes.
And, of course, soon-to-be ex Mr. Kardashian.
Sadly for the few of us that were there for Denver, but happily for everyone from Brooklyn, the Nets came out with the win, but we loved seeing the arena!  Thanks again to my uncle for the tickets (though in a "dang, it I forgot to do that!" moment, I forgot to snag a family pic with him!).

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