Weekend: Surgery

The best party about having surgery:  everybody you love sends you flowers and candy and magazines and a million text messages!

The worst part about having surgery:  everything else about having surgery.

Last Thursday, I had a procedure done to fix the herniated disc in my back I've been struggling with for the last year and a half, and it all went (mostly) really well!  Now I'm home again, with a husband who is taking care of my every whim, and I'm ready to get some serious recovery underway!

In the past 5 days, I've had many firsts, including:

My first overnight stay in a hospital.
My first experience in an operating room.
My first time laying down for 24 hours without moving - much easier said than done.
My first time watching 5 episodes of Secret Life of the American Teenager in a row (which I do not recommend to anyone)
My first time eating a dinner that Scott made without any help from me - and it was delish!

My life is going to be a teensy bit boring the next few weeks because I can't do much while my back is healing up, but since blogging is one thing that's really easy to do from bed...you'll still hear from me :)


  1. Think about doing some hand sewing! Hope you feel better!

  2. Feel better, Valerie! Watch some good movies (or bad movies, whichever you prefer) that you haven't had the time to watch!

  3. Oh, this sounds painful.. Get well soon!!!
    But isn't it (kind of) perfect to improve your knitting/crocheting skills? I learned it last year, when i had this terrible never ending cough. And now I own this beautiful scarf (ok, it was a 2. try; first one was ugly and went right into the litter box) and lot of cuffs and i'm still working on a hexagon blanket. Fun!
    Get well soon and be patient with your back!

  4. Oh man that does not sound fun! Good luck with the recovery! P.S. I'm so glad I found your cute blog!

  5. Oh no-- so sorry to hear about this.

    Two years ago, I was out of commission for a while due to a medical procedure, and I couldn't eat solid foods. As a result, I couldn't get enough of food shows! I watched a TON of "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives," and any other food show that was on.

    Wishing you a speedy, healthy recovery!

  6. I hope you're feeling better soon! Good to hear the surgery went well though :) And keep resting, I couldn't imagine staying in the same position for 24 hours.. I'm so fidgety..

  7. Wishing you a speedy recovery and the sanity to endure the recovery process! It's not easy :) You'll be back on your feet in no time.

  8. hope you feel better ASAP, darling! i had back surgery (for scoliosis) when i was 14, so i empathize!

  9. hope you have a speedy recovery!

  10. OUCH!! Yikes! Hope you recover quickly!