Lots of Goodness to Look Forward To

Currently happening:
 I'm getting my poor aching back fixed for good!
(Immediately followed by 2-4 weeks off work to recover.  I'm okay with that)
Maybe I'll be able to do this again:

In 19 days:
I'm going to see Cousin Matthew from Downton Abbey, except he will not be Cousin Matthew, he'll be a different character in a play on Broadway called The Heiress, but he will be there IN THE BLUE-EYED FLESH

In 22 days:
My dear friend Lynn comes to visit and run the IMG Marathon!  I will be cheering so loudly from my spot on the curb in Harlem when she passes me!

In 30 days:
Scott's finally cashing in his birthday present:  a helicopter lesson! 
He gets to fly it himself, and it is going to be awwwwwwesome.

In about a month:
We'll find out where we're living next year.

 In 2 months and 9 days:
We head home for Christmas!
Weather permitting, of course (come on, Northeast, save your blizzard for January, please!).
OK, so this is actually us in New York at Christmas, so it doesn't make much sense, but still.  It's Christmas!
In 5 months:
I'm going to turn 28, and there will be no more denying the fact that I'm in my late 20s.

In 7 months and 11 days:
Scott will graduate and I will be a Mrs. Dentist.
This is what comes up if you google "Mrs. Dentist."
In 1 year, 1 month, and 12 days:
Catching Fire comes out!
...really?  That far away still?  That's not even worth getting excited about.

In 38ish years:  retirement


  1. I can't wait for The Heiress!

  2. You forgot to include a countdown to the final film installment of the Twilight franchise... the end of a very epic era. You should really sort out your priorities...

  3. This pretty much is the best countdown ever. And I am choosing to not think about how long till Catching Fire comes out... ahhhhh