Making Plans

This blog post title has a double meaning.  I've been making plans for what to sewing next...which I could also call plans for what to make..a.k.a. making plans.  Get it?!

I've had so much time to peruse the internet and think up new garments I want to make when I can be up and around again!  Daydreaming can be dangerous when it comes to sewing, so I've tried really hard to be very practical about it, and zero in on designs and fabrics that I am really excited about and will hopefully really follow through on (which is always the hard part!).

Burdastyle 7220
I have a top with an origami-like neckline similar to View B, and it's one of my absolute favorites.  I would love it in a dark plum like this crepe back satin.  I also love the hemline and neck keyhole on View A.

Burdastyle 10/2012 #118A
Swooning!  This silhouette is so classic, and frankly kind of unlike anything I normally wear.  My first instinct is to make it in gray like the dress shown on the model, but this multi-colored tweed is pretty sweet too...

Burdastyle 09/2012 #123A
I'm obsessed with this top exactly the way it is, so I'm just going to go ahead and copy it straight out, with some cream-colored jersey I already have, and some black crepe satin.

New Look 6148
I want to make every variation of this top because I think it's the cutest, but I'm going to start with this red heart-print crepe de chine in View B + the pocket, I think.

Salme Patterns Cropped Blazer
I've had this pattern for months now, but haven't yet sewn it up.  I think I want to do the jacket in navy twill and the lapel in black.

Vogue 8827
This dress is another one that's sort of unlike my usual style, but it just looks so darn classy and grown-up.  I want to do View B in some kind of wacky print, maybe like this jersey.

Now I need help:  when I can get to my sewing machine again, which one should I make first?


  1. Ooh, do the cowl dress! It's just so freakin' cute! But they all are... You'll also look way cute in that blazer! Love it!

  2. You should make the New Look t-shirt for some instant gratification. You don't want to be muslining and then making a dress first, unless you're way faster than I am.

  3. ummmm... can all of them be made magically at the same time?!

    if not, i choose the cream jersey/black satin top. i'm obsessed with it too.

  4. Ohhh man, that cropped blazer is perfect!

    Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for The Liebster Award for up and coming bloggers. Check out my blog for the details if you care! I honestly know nothing about the award, but someone tagged/nominated me recently and answering the questions was fun. :)