Weekend: Maker Faire

This weekend, Scott and I ventured out to Queens (like, third stop from the end of the 7 line in Queens...that is FAR) to the New York Hall of Science to attend Maker Faire.
Maker Faire was exactly what it sounded like:  a fair for people who make stuff.  But the stuff that they make is next-level-awesome stuff.  Such as:

Gigantic thumb war.
Avocado hot dogs.  (AKA sliced avocado covered in panko bread crumbs, fried, and served in a hot dog bun with a pickle, tomatoes, and mustard.  YUM-O)
Clothing made from Metro Cards, and also a matching, dancing robot.
Life-size Mouse Trap (remember that game?!).
Crazy body contortions.
Yankee Stadium out of toothpicks, which Jane Velez-Mitchell reports on. Chalk drawings that get washed away in 30 minutes of rain :(
Rockets.  (Just kidding, these were made a long time ago and are just in the museum, duh!)

But the main Maker trend of the fair was definitely 3-D printers.  Guys, I can't explain how it works or why it works or even what the heck kind of purpose these things would serve, but these are printers that make three-dimensional objects.  Seriously.  They are programmed to make them out of melted plastic, and it takes hours and hours of them very slowly building up the object until it becomes a real thing.
Like this owl figurine.
And this plastic ring.
And these adorable tiny robots!

Ah, Science.  Somehow you simultaneously intrigue me and bore me, but I'm glad to have spent a whole day with you.


  1. Life-size mouse trap is AWESOME.

  2. That 3d printer is usually used to make bobble head molds.

  3. Wow! How fun! I'm so sad that I didn't go!