Diary of a Surgery Recoverer: Day 15

Today's fun activity du jour was painting my nails!  Thanks to Heidi for sending me nail polish in a care package :)

Health-wise, I've apparently been pushing my recovery a little too hard, and I started having some pain.  After talking to a nurse about it, I need to scale back and go back to more rest.  No more walks around the block for me!  For now, that is.  So, my epic walking playlist is going to have to wait another week or two.

Other happenings:

- I completed all the "easy" crossword puzzles in my book, so I have now moved on to "medium"...which are quite literally impossible.  Some of them I haven't even been able to finish with the help of the internet!  Also, one puzzle had the clue "What each of the 10 abbreviations in this puzzle's answer stands for."  The answer to the clue was "Canadian provinces."  Fine.  But do you know what it meant?!  It meant that in 10 of the answers in the puzzle, TWO LETTERS that were the abbreviations for a province went in ONE SQUARE.  THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO SOLVE.  It made me so angry.

- Happy Endings came back to television, and the angels rejoiced.

- I read only one more chapter of The Magicians, but managed to watch approximately 80 clips of The Ellen Show on YouTube.  So, that was really productive of me.

- Mrs. Jessica Timberlake.

- Scott's cooking repertoire is really expanding.  Now it includes:  cheeseburgers, frozen french fries, and brownies from a box.  All were delicious!

- I have lost all sense of what day of the week it is or the date.  It's almost Christmas, right?


  1. Yes, I was so happy that Happy Endings is back on!

    Don't push yourself too hard. Take time to heal properly--you'll be glad you did later.

  2. That nail polish looks grreat!