Diary of a Surgery Recoverer: Day 6

Today is Day 6 of my recovery!  And I'm bored out of my mind already!  Here's what I've done so far today:

- Watched 12 Emma Watson interviews on YouTube (obsession fueled by this magazine that Brittany brought to me, which I have read cover to cover)

- Walked up and down the hallway for 9 minutes.  Gotta get these muscles moving!

- Watched last night's 90210 and Gossip Girl, both of which threw me twists that I did not see coming!  Good job, CW!  Also, for anyone else out there currently watching the third season of Downton Abbey via sketchy internet means...please e-mail me to discuss.

- Ate two pieces of cinnamon toast, which for the rest of my life will never stop tasting insanely good to me.

- Read the first chapter of The Girl the Dragon Tattoo, which left me insanely bored and not desiring to read any more at all.  Judging by everyone in the world's deep love for this series...it gets better, right?

- Took my second post-surgery shower!  Yes, if you do the math...that is one shower every 3 days.  My excuse is that I'm not supposed to get my incision spot wet.

- Made a semi-dramatic playlist for my future hallway walks.

Tune in tomorrow for more recovery adventures, if you think you can handle the excitement.


  1. Awesome playlist! And yes, the book does get better. I was bored out of my mind the first half of the book. But push through I couldn't put it down by the end and went out and got the others right after!

  2. I am loving that playlist! haha. It takes a while to get into the girl with the dragon tattoo, but it does get better!! Also, I'm pretty obsessed with emma watson in general, so this makes me happy. :)

  3. I'M. OBSESSED. WITH. GOSSIP. GIRL. So sad it's the last season. I own them all!

    As far as Girl with the Dragon Tattoo goes, it really is a good series, in my opinion. But seriously, all the Switzerland places in my mind were very hard to picture. I actually don't think I liked it until almost 100 pages in. But I didn't like Twilight until about 175, and now I own all the books and movies so far.

    Love your playlist too!

  4. Best playlist ever. Get well soon!

  5. That playlist will ensure your speedy recovery!!

  6. Good luck in your recovery! Yes, keep going with Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. But if you can't I recommend the Swedish version of the movie. You'll have to read subtitles (unless you understand the language of course) but it was a fantastic movie.

    Feel better!