Book I Read in March

Room by Emma Donoghue

Room is one of those books that I felt like I got asked about over and over when it came out; as in, "Have you read Room yet?"  I finally got around to it about three years later - I'm so on top of things.  And, just like last month's book about a woman's dead husband and sick only child, I have no idea why it would be in my best interest to read a book about a young mother and her son who are trapped in an 11x11 room for five years just a few months after giving birth to my first child with whom I stay home all day, but that's what I did. 


Narrated by five-year-old Jack, who has never been outside the shack his mother's kidnapper has kept her in for the past seven years, his tiny world is contained entirely in a space shared by himself and his Ma.  She has created a fulfilling life for him the best she possibly can considering the circumstances, but it can only last so long, and Jack's mind is totally blown upon hearing the news that the world outside Room is real.  While this would be a gripping story no matter how it is told, seeing it all through Jack's innocent eyes and reading it through his limited-knowledge, child's voice makes the whole thing so compelling and addicting that I would have easily read it all in one sitting if I could have.  This is a new addition to my all-time favorites list, no question.

[Author Emma Donoghue just came out with a new novel a few days ago:  Frog Music.  Adding that to my to-read list!]

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  1. I might have to read this while sunbathing!