Viva-ing in Las Vegas: Hiking Springs Mountains National Recreation Area

This weekend we took our second little family hike (here's the first!).  This time, we headed to the local mountain area known to locals as Mount Charleston, but the official name is either Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest or Spring Mountains National Recreation Area...as you can see, even the sign below says both.  About 30 minutes from the north edge of Las Vegas, this is a gorgeous area perfect for a day trip; there are dozens of trails to choose from and even a ski/snowboard area in the winter!
We chose Sawmill Loop trail because it was only 1.3 miles and had less than 100 feet of elevation change.  Sounds about right for taking a baby along!
The views were beautiful, the weather perfect, the sun shining brightly.  We could not have picked a more perfect day.
Nor could we have chosen a more ridiculous hat to put our baby in (isn't that the best thing about babies?  You can dress them however you want and they can't say anything about it!).
 Spring was springing!  Along with the ol' obligatory cactus.  We are still in the desert, after all.
Then AA decided he didn't want to be in the ErgoBaby anymore and would rather be physically carried in someone's arms the rest of the trail.  The better to feel the trees, I suppose!
How un-Las-Vegas-like does this picture feel with that gorgeous mountain in the back?  Just so beautiful!

Please allow me to take the rest of this post to post more baby ridiculousness that is so cute I can't even deal with it:

 And for the baby who insists on being carried, the only thing that will do is THE LION KING POSE.


  1. I mean, are you SURE you live in Las Vegas? Because this looks so mountainous (obviously) and lush and outdoorsy, and those are things I don't associate with LV at all. What a beautiful family hike you had! Come to Denver and do it all over again with us!

    Oh, the hat. I can't get enough.

  2. We are both laughing outloud at the cuteness. We just want to squish that baby to death. (You and your hubby look pretty good, too!)

  3. Hey Valerie! This morning I found your old posting about One tree hill & Dawsons Creek. It was amazing because I'm a huge fan of both. It would be one of my biggest dreams to travel willmington some day. It's a little hard because I live in Finland, not too close, huh? :D Your blog is really nice and I'll read it since now. - Niina from Finland.