Four Generations

Our house was full last weekend.  Bursting at the seams, in fact.  With baby smiles and good food and reminiscing and lots of hugs.  An AA and a Mama and a Daddy and a Grandma and a Grandad and a Mimi and a Papa Ted.  Four generations of one family, all under one roof.

AA is lucky enough to have six living great-grandparents.  Six!  Over the weekend, he was able to meet his first two:  my incredibly loving grandparents.  And AA just happens to be their very first great-grandchild, too.  Watching them meet warmed my heart in a way I didn't know was possible.  Hearing them tell him how sweet and cute and wonderful he was brought tears to my eyes.  Knowing how much they love him overwhelms my soul.
This is the first version of a four generation picture we are so blessed and excited to take many more times with AA's four other great-grandparents as well.

These are some of the people I will tell AA about for the rest of his life:  my Grandma and Grandpa, his Mimi and Papa Ted.  I will tell him how they spent the weekend reading him books and playing with his toys and talking to him about anything and everything and hugging him when he cried.  I'll tell him that they spent 36 hours in a car just to see him face-to-face.  I'll tell him his every smile made them so, so happy.  I'll tell him that's what love is.


  1. Hey Valerie! This morning I found your old posting about One tree hill & Dawsons Creek. It was amazing because I'm a huge fan of both. It would be one of my biggest dreams to travel willmington some day. It's a little hard because I live in Finland, not too close, huh? :D Your blog is really nice and I'll read it since now. - Niina from Finland.