A Homemade Baby Toy

A few weeks ago while browsing around Etsy, I notice an abundance of something called "crinkle toys."  I had never heard of these or seen them, but there were TONS of shops selling them, so I figured they must be something babies like!

Essentially, they are just squares of fabric with something inside them that crinkles and a few looped ribbons on the sides.  Seems easy enough for a seamstress like me!

I took about 20 minutes one day and sewed together 8 5" squares, cut up 2 plastic bags and stuffed them inside, and put 4 different colored and textured ribbons along the outside.  Simplest sewing project ever - and AA even watched me do it.

Verdict:  OBSESSION.  Turns out all a baby wants in life is to have his senses stimulated, and this thing appeals to AA's sight (bright colors), sound (crinkling), and touch (textures).  [And technically, it appeals to his sense of taste too, I suppose, since he puts it in his mouth all the time, but I can't imagine it's very delicious!]

It was fun to be able to make a toy for AA instead of just buying him another rattle or teething ring...and even more fun that it's one of his very favorite things.  Make this Mama feel like a winner :)


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  2. I like this! Obviously, so does AA.

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