Summertime Dress: Take 2

I attempted to make this very same dress almost three years ago (that seems so long ago!), but didn't do the greatest job.  I liked the idea of it, but in execution, it was too big and baggy and I hardly ever wore it.

But!  I decided to give it another go this week, with much better results.  Here it is, the perfect little summertime dress:

The front and back are identical crossovers (which I guess technically makes this dress reversible.  Spill mustard on one side at a BBQ?  No prob, just flip it around!).  This dress also features three of my all-time favorite things:  a wacky pattern (elephants!), pockets, and, of course, an elastic waistband.  Another bonus for me in this season of my life:  breastfeeding friendly!

More Summertime Dresses to come, now that I have the pattern down to a science!