Books I Read in March

Suri's Burn Book by Allie Hagan
We all already know and love the Tumblr this book is based on.  Though it occasionally feels a little bit wrong, "Suri's" snarky commentary about the other Hollywood families is completely entertaining.  My favorite parts of this book were a section called "Celebrities Who Should Have Babies" (like Leo & Kate, or Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams [sorry, Eva, we're not going to just forget that easily how things used to be]) and a part where she talks about the celebrity child cliques she wishes she could be in (like the Spice Children [all the Spice Girls' kids]).  Her constant reminders that she made her photographic debut on the cover on Vanity Fair, in photographs taken by Annie Liebowitz, on a cliffside in Telluride, after 6 months of speculation if she even existed, make me giggle every time.  If you like Suri's Burn Book online, you'll like it in real life book form too.

(Also, I must thank Heidi for sending me this one for a birthday present!)

The Three Marys by Eva J. Gibson
Though I have about a million qualms with the cover image of this book, I thoroughly enjoyed working through this one with my Bible Study girls.  It is an in-depth study of the roles that each of the three Marys mentioned in the New Testament (Mary, mother of Jesus, Mary of Mary and Martha, and Mary Magdalene) played in Jesus' life and as examples of Christianity (see what I mean about the cover?!  It looks like it should be a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book).  While only seven chapters long, each chapter gives a dozen study questions, which vary between reading comprehension, journaling, and personal reflection - a great variety for a Bible study book.  The many, many passges from the Bible it asks you to read (especially those comparing all four accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John regarding the same event) are so nice to dive really deeply into and get a full perspective.  Wonderful read - maybe our best pick yet!

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