A Long Weekend Visit from Friends in 11 Pictures

Last week, we had some of my very best friends and their sig others made their final visit to NYC before we Bryants move on.  Here are a few of my favorite memories with them.

 Best friends for close to a decade, Times Square
 Spring attempting to spring, Rockefeller Center
 So meta:  Lego Rockefeller Center, in Rockefeller Center (Dave, especially, seems enthralled)
 Three girls, two boats, one picture + one photobomber, Central Park
 The best $12/hour you will ever spend in NYC, Central Park
What my husband will do when I suggest taking a picture with the pretty tree, Central Park
The Bull statue + the only Americans waiting in line to take a picture with it (us!), Wall Street
 Manhattan's first park, Financial District
New York Stock Exchange, quiet on a Sunday, Financial District
 Gazing over to Brooklyn, South Street Seaport
My masterpiece of a photograph:  a few months ago, I got this special edition Metro Card, issued for the 100th anniversary of Grand Central Station.  Here, I line it up with the modern day Grand Central.  Cool, right?!

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  1. um, way cool! and i like that you continued our "holding things" photos after i left.

    ryan is quite the happy bomber.