Viva-ing in Las Vegas: Pinball Hall of Fame

For all the nostalgia geeks out there, there is a magical place with your name on it here in Las Vegas.  That place is the Pinball Hall of Fame.
If 10,000 square feet of pinball machines--old ones from the 1950s all the way up to brand new ones like a Transformers one--sounds appealing to you, this is your place.  It sounds SUPER appealing to Scott and I, and we've spent many a quarter in this dark concrete building already.  Walk in with a $20, visit the change machine, browse the rows with about a pound of quarters in your pocket, and you've got a good hour of solid entertainment for a Saturday afternoon!  My personal favorite is the Space Jam one; it gives you crazy good bonuses and, you know, Michael Jordan.

The Pinball Hall of Fame is actually on Tropicana Ave, essentially down the street from the Strip, so it's not even too far off the beaten path.  Plus, I figure if you're going to be putting quarters into a machine and losing all your money anyway, you just as well give your wrists a workout while you do so, right?

P.S.  There is also a Super Mario Bros (the first one) arcade game here, which I dominated for like 30 minutes straight without losing all my lives.

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