Bridesmaid Dress Collection: Karen

Last fall when I was still pregnant, I was sewing up a storm of bridesmaid dresses, and here's one more collection I haven't documented yet!

Karen wanted a black dress similar to this David's Bridal dress but liked the idea of having the dresses custom-made for each girl instead, which is where I stepped in, of course!
The prettiest feature of these dresses are definitely the neckline.  I based them on Sewaholic's Lonsdale Pattern but created a loop for the strap (which I also thickened by a few inches) to thread through instead of having the straps tie at the neck.
The other features - the cummerbund waistband and the pleated skirt - I created my own pattern for and then pieced it altogether. 
Since these dresses are made from black satin (basically the most classic bridesmaid fabric of all time, right?), they are (hopefully) timeless (let's check back in 10 years and see if they look obviously out-of-date!), and I loved the elegance the neckline added to an otherwise fairly simple dress!

Here's a pic I very creepily stole from Facebook - looked like a very fun group of gals!


  1. Awesome dress and awesome friend!

  2. They turned out beautifully! I love the front neckline and I love the pleats. Also the giant cumberbund. Good job, Val.